Ohio Courts have long recognized that Ohio’s consumer laws are intended to act as a “shield” to protect consumers “from deceptive practices” of unscrupulous businesses. Here at Myers Law, we protect our clients from unfair and deceptive practices. Our goal is to help our clients find the compensation they are entitled to while creating far-reaching change in the way big businesses treat their customers. At Myers Law, attorney Dan Myers helps good people fight bad businesses.  We have taken on some of the largest construction contractors, hospital systems, retailers, and businesses out there.

Experienced Consumer Rights Attorney


Lawyer Daniel Myers has represented consumers in legal disputes against businesses that rip off their customers. This page provides useful information about Ohio consumer law rights, debtors’ rights against debt collectors, and helpful tips on common home construction, home remodeling, mechanic’s lien, and home repair legal problems.

Myers Law attorney Dan Myers is not a “jack of all trades.” Dan focuses his practice on representing individual consumers against sloppy construction contractors, fraudulent auto dealerships, and dishonest debt collectors. We focus on these areas because the consumer and construction laws are very technical, and they can be difficult for consumers and inexperienced attorneys to understand.

When problems arise with a contractor, debt collector, dealership, or other business, consumers need to immediately contact an experienced attorney as soon as they know they have a problem. One wrongly-worded letter can make it impossible for a consumer to recover the compensation they need to address the harm they suffered. In Ohio, consumers have different rights that can conflict with each other. Once consumers choose to use one option, they may be prevented from seeking damages for the full harm.

The attorneys at Myers Law know the ins and outs of the consumer laws. They can investigate cases and advise clients about the best course of action. Dan Myers has testified and been retained as an expert witness in numerous consumer lawsuits in Northeast and Central Ohio. He regularly lectures other lawyers, small businesses, realtors, and consumers on their rights and responsibilities.

The lawyers at Myers Law have handled disputes of all sizes, from multi-million dollar class action litigation, to smaller municipal court disputes, and arbitration of all size. Our attorneys are trial lawyers, not just negotiators. We have taken many of the largest retailers, insurers, and construction companies to task in trial courts and appellate courts across Ohio.

If you have been harmed by shoddy construction work, incomplete repairs or improvements to your home, misrepresentations or fraud by a dealership, or aggressive debt collectors, you have a very limited amount of time to file a lawsuit to have your day in court. Many times, your deadline to file a lawsuit is based on the date a company deceives you, even if you didn’t know at the time that you were deceived. Therefore, it is critical to contact an experienced attorney so that your investigation or lawsuit can begin immediately.

The initial in-person meeting with Myers Law is free, and most of our cases are handled on a contingency fee or flat fee basis. Contact Myers Law today by submitting this online form, emailing us at Info@MyersLawLLC.com, or calling us at 216-236-8202 today.

Our Experience and Knowledge Make Us Different

Whenever you buy services (vehicle repairs, home repairs, home improvements) or goods (materials, items) for personal, family, or household use, you have rights under Ohio law. Depending on what you buy and when you bought it, those rights can vary greatly. When you know you have a problem with a business, your first reaction to that problem can also impact what rights you have (or no longer have).

At Myers Law, we not only handle the common types of breach of contract, fraud, and negligence claims, but we also handle claims under Ohio’s consumer law statutes. These laws are complex, and it takes an experienced lawyer to help a client navigate these rules, regulations, statutes, and procedures.

Although we know many good attorneys who practice in other areas of the law (and are happy to give you a name or two), we don’t handle car accident injuries. We don’t handle wills, trusts, or estate planning. We don’t organize businesses. We litigate consumer disputes. Too often, we have seen other attorneys attempt to handle claims like those that we handle, just to ignore, forget about, or mishandle the consumer law claims–and those can be the strongest arguments available to a client. We have even had to file a legal malpractice claim on behalf of a client against an attorney who did not understand the law well enough to know what he missed for his client.

Contact us today to ask your questions or have someone get back to you about your concerns involving a home repair, home improvement, debt collector, auto dealership, or any other consumer issue.

Myers Law proudly serves consumers across the State of Ohio, as far west as Lucas County and as far south as Hamilton County. We practice primarily in Northeast Ohio communities located in Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Lorain County, and Medina County.  Dan has taken on some of the largest companies and systems in the world, including Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, to name only a few. With his experience, reputation, and network of co-counseling attorneys, Dan can handle disputes in most areas of Ohio.